Séraphin-Marion Buildings

Séraphin-Marion Street

143 and 145 Séraphin-Marion

143, 145, 155 and 157 Séraphin-Marion Street

In 1987, the University purchased the section of Wilbrod Street between Waller and Cumberland Streets, renaming it Séraphin-Marion Street.  Séraphin Marion (1896-1983) was a historian and man of letters with close links to the University from which he obtained a bachelor's degree in 1918 and a master's degree in arts in 1922. From 1926 to 1954, he taught French literature and French-Canadian literature at the University. This eminent Franco-Ontarian was later awarded the status of Professor Emeritus.

In 1956, the University acquired the former residence of Thomas Foran (1849-1939) located at 147 Séraphin-Marion Street. This building, constructed around 1885, now houses the Department of History, as do the buildings at 145 and 155-157 Séraphin-Marion Street, built between 1875 and 1884. Their architecture is in the neo-Renaissance style, with 155-157 Séraphin-Marion Street being unquestionably the oldest of the residences on the street.

155-157 Séraphin-Marion

155 and 157 Séraphin-Marion

Recently renovated, the house at 143 Séraphin-Marion Street also holds significant historical interest. Its construction dates back to 1877, making it the second oldest house on the street. It was only in 1970 however, that the University purchased the premises and finally came to own all the properties on Séraphin-Marion Street. Since 1986, this building is home to the administrative offices of the Women's Studies Program.

The buildings located on Stewart Street, constructed at the turn of the century, are home to the Department of Criminology, Classical Studies and of Language Services.

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