Virtual Maps University of Ottawa

Before you start

Find your way inside a building

  1. Select one of the maps below (Main, Roger Guindon, 99 Bank or Lees).
  2. With a mouse : Click on a building to view what’s inside.
    Without a mouse: Select the option Buildings (located in the right menu, under Navigate). Use the arrow keys to select a building and see what's inside.

Find the shortest or warmest route

The buildings are connected through overpasses and tunnels. Please view the printable map Passerelle (PDF 77.53 KB) or select the option Directions (located in the right menu, under Navigate) to find the shortest or warmest route.


Scent free zone

Scent free zone


Help us keep the air we share healthy and fragrance-free. The chemicals used in scented products can make some people sick, especially those with fragrance sensitivities, asthma, allergies and other medical conditions. Please do not wear perfume, cologne, aftershave and other fragrance. Use unscented personal care products.



Short term, elevator, and lift interruption notices

Interruption notices


Click here to view a list of current short term, elevator, and lift interruption notices.

Disruptions related to construction projects can be viewed on the map below by selecting Construction Projects and selecting the building.


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